Aprajita Enterprises

Rasna has, over the last 20 years, successfully spread its wings with it’s Exports Division, offering the extremely successful Soft Drink Concentrates, Instant Drink Powders and Ethnic range of products to the global markets.Rasna has extended its range to include other products, synergies to it’s basic activites, by introducing a variety of processed food products for the global consumer. Rasna has gained 1st rank in the soft drink beverage category .
RAKSHA CPVC Pipes & fittings are for potable water applications. Pipes are manufactured in Copper Tube size [CTS] from ½ ” to 2” with two different standard dimensional ratios SDR-11 and SDR-13.5 . Raksha CPVC Pipes & fittings in SDR-11 & SDR-13.5 are made from the equivalent CPVC compound having similar physical properties. Pipes & fittings are produced as per SDR-11 meet the requirement of ASTM D 2846 where as the pipes with SDR-13.5 meet the requirement derived from ASTM F 442, specific to CPVC in Iron Pipe Size (IPS) dimension, which can also be applied to CPVC pipes in C.T.S dimension.